North-South highway lunch stop – Seremban

If you are heading to KL and you had your breakfast in JB, then Seremban would be the ideal lunch stop. It takes almost 3 hours to get there from JB, and by then, you should be ready for lunch.

We used Google Maps to look for a lunch place and chose Keong Kee Recipe as they had about the highest review score. Unfortunately they were closed. There were many eateries nearby and we settled for Pin Xiang Lou, a huge kopitiam.

Pin Xiang Lou is actually joined together with this bigger kopitiam which goes by the name Happy Mee San Restaurant

I ordered chicken cooked in wine (sold by the Bak Kut Teh stall) and i don’t recommend it. It tasted bitter-sweet, literally. The portion was extremely small for the price (RM 10).

The other item we tried was not bad – 鱼滑伊面 (fish cake noodles). The fish cake was made on the spot, and the texture was just right – not too bouncy. The Rojak stall seemed popular too.

Tasty fish cake noodle

There is also a famous Seremban bun shop nearby Pin Xiang Lou – Siew Pow Master (亚洲烧包). I have tried them a few years ago, but have since forgotten the taste. Anyway, given that you can kill two birds with one stone, I do recommend doing lunch around this area at Jalan Seng Meng Lee.

An endless stream of local customers. They must be doing something right.
Labour of love. I discovered how they arrive at the lovely golden brown colour of the Siew Pow – by applying egg wash a second time mid-way during baking
In comparison with the Siew Pow from the main Siew Pow manufacturer in Seremban – Empayar, this one has fillings that is more moist and slightly thicker crust. I think it’s hard to say which is better, but this one doesn’t disappoint

There is an alternative route to KL from Seremban – via LEKAS highway. We took this route as Google Maps suggested it. It was refreshing travelling through Kajang and Cheras, places I haven’t really been to. You might even save a little on the toll fee going by this way. I might just do my lunch at Kajang next time.

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