Now is the time to book your 2017 vacation flights

Thai Airways flights to Sapporo
Thai Airways flight to Sapporo

My brother-in-law alerted me to the availability of cheap flights on Thai Airways, which his friends found out through Skyscanner. Well, without hesitation, we went ahead and booked flights to Sapporo on the official Thai Airways website for next June, since it was a very good deal. S$1485 for 2 adults and 2 children. Sometimes it cost this much for 2 adults alone.

Well, i thought it was a good deal. I received a mailer from Cheaptickets which mentioned a S$30 discount on flights to Japan with the discount code “JAPAN2016 ” (valid until 11:59 PM on 31 October 2016), so i did a price check for the same flights to Sapporo just out of curiosity. Well, turns out that they’re even cheaper, by about $50 per adult. I don’t know why, but their child fares are always more expensive than the adults’. Even then, the overall price for the flights is about S$100 cheaper.

Cheaptickets Sapporo flights
Cheaptickets Sapporo flights before the discount code is applied

Standard disclaimer, i am not affiliated to Cheaptickets in any way. I am just a third time user of their website, and it looks like i will be using them more often.

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