Osaka, Nara, Himeji

This post is more than one week overdue. So I found out that in practice it’s difficult to blog while traveling. Anyway, if Osaka is in your travel itinerary, you might want to visit Nara and Himeji as well since they are only about an hour away from Osaka.

The Osaka castle is a popular attraction. You will probably see bus loads of tourists there like I did. I took some photos and went off.

If you go to the Nanba area (I stayed there), then you should make it a point to try the Rikuro cheesecake, which was awesome moist and fluffy. They always sell it fresh off the oven and it sets you back by only 648 yen which is unbelievable value for money.

Many travelers from Singapore visit Taiwan and Hong Kong for their night markets, but have you wondered where the Taiwanese and Hong Kongers go? That’s right, it’s Japan. The Dotonbori is simply the best night shopping district I have been, with never ending lit covered streets, each with a different design. It is bound to impress.

Various cuts of the Matsusaka beer are labeled in English when served

The food i was most keen on trying in Japan is beef, and the best beef in Japan is none other than the Matsusaka. Through Tripadvisor i found this restaurant in Osaka that offers a decent price for sampling Matsusaka beef – Yakiniku M. You do have to make advance reservations, make sure you do that way before your trip to avoid disappointment. I can say this was an eye (or rather tongue) opening experience.

Grilling in progress
The main attraction in Nara is the close encounter with deers
Nara Park is quite nice – probably man-made, yet looks so natural
Deer chewing on a map from the back pocket of a visitor
The Himeji Castle is quite a sight to behold

Japanese castles are not large in size and do not have intricate details, both for the exterior and interior, as compared to European castles. Still, the architecture is nothing short of beautiful.

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