Qoo10 Product recommendation – Egg Sitter

Okay, yet another product discovered through Facebook, and it is also yet another kickstarter project. It’s a very compelling product, but so expensive! Especially since i missed the early bird deal, which still costs S$83 per piece. So, i looked for a cheapo imatation, and lo and behold, there is the Egg Sitter.

I think this Qoo10 seller PanJa has it the cheapest at $9.90 (there are other sellers on Qoo10), with QPrime delivery (free for combined purchases of over $60). So does it really work?

Rather small as you can see

My better half comments that the seat forces you to sit upright, and i think she’s right. There is a slight downward slope towards the thigh edge and that is making you sit up straight, without making you feel like you’re going to fall off the chair though. It actually feels uncomfortable if you slouch on the chair, and i think that’s probably a good thing. So, in a way, it actually does not increase comfort in the short run but probably will make you feel good in the long run. Another point to note is that since it raises your seating height, it renders your arm rests useless.

For me, the first generation product Honeycomb Gel which i got is too small. Well, i didn’t want to pay double the price for the Honeycomb Gel XL or the Double Layer Gel before i verify that it’s a legit product. Looks like i have to.

The seller is smart to market this as a Work From Home category product, where money is piling into right now. I can’t refute that they are making a justified claim. Well, if this product really works as claimed, it would be suitable for Work In Office also. I would recommend trying the Egg Sitter if you’re concerned about your posture, or just going straight for the BalanceOn Fit Seat Plus if money is no object.

Double layer (bottom) vs first generation Egg Sitter

Update 20 May 20: Okay, so i actually got hold of the Double layer Egg Sitter, and it is indeed better. It’s softer, more comfortable. Although it doesn’t look much bigger than the first generation version, it is completely flat, so for people with big butts like myself, you wouldn’t feel like your butt couldn’t fit. Hopefully this will really yield real health benefits in the long run.

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