Shopee product recommendation – Ozone air purifier

The other day i mentioned that i was going to get an Ozone air purifier for my fridge. Well, today i took delivery of the Enerfer Ozone air purifier.

I’m very pleased with both the price and the dimensions of this product. It is rather diminutive and won’t take up much of your precious fridge space. I charged it up immediately and turned it on to test if it works, and yes, it does emit Ozone. I’m pretty sure this would do a lot of good inside the fridge, to kill any undesirable “bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa” which give rise to smell and also damage fresh produce.

The size in comparison to a USB cable.

I’m not sure how Shopee does it, but this item has a rechargeable battery built-in, and would normally have to be shipped as a sensitive item. Shipping alone would cost $3.99 via ezbuy sensitive parcel shipment, if you were to buy from Taobao and do parcel forwarding. On Shopee, the price of this item ($12.49) is comparable to that found on Taobao, and includes shipping direct to your home.

The only thing i would be worried about is whether the battery can last very long when it is placed inside the fridge, since batteries will be degraded when exposed to cold temperature. Anyway, the item is very affordable, and will be good while it lasts. Having a built-in rechargeable battery is definitely a lot more convenient than having to replace the battery every time it runs flat (there is a cheaper first-generation version of this product that runs on AA batteries).

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