One tablet fits all – laptop-less travel blogging

(Note: this article is not directly applicable to iOS users, but feel free to get ideas for exploring on iOS) For the first time ever, i can forgo bringing a laptop on my upcoming trip. What held me back before was the inability of my tablet to be used for moving photos from the camera SD card …

Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Review


Upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S to the highly anticipated Froyo (i.e. Android 2.2) firmware more than a week ago. Main impression: the phone does seem more responsive. Previously (i.e. when running Android 2.1 aka Eclair), the phone is often in a state where the CPU is fully utilized and is unable to respond for no less than 10 seconds. With Froyo, there seems to be a huge improvement in task management, which is evident also from the improved responsiveness even when the phone is installing a new app (which used to stall the phone completely).

Android Apps Mini Review 3

AppBrain – Besides allowing you to sync your apps list so that you can re-install them in case you had to reset your phone back to factory settings, the most prominent feature is the app recommendation, which, frankly, is the source through which i discovered most of the apps i’m recommending in my mini app reviews. So go ahead, install AppBrain and browse the hot apps every now and then. The quality of the apps listed is way better than those listed in the default Google Market App (which i suspect may have been prioritized based on ad dollars from the App publishers).

What to do if your Android phone won’t boot

Buy a new phone. Just kidding. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Don’t take risks if the potential gain is not significant. I learnt it the hard way when i tried out some App Launchers (Launcher Pro and QuickDesk Beta), both of which rendered my Samsung Galaxy S unbootable (phone starts up but refuses to show the home screen).