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  • One tablet fits all – laptop-less travel blogging

    (Note: this article is not directly applicable to iOS users, but feel free to get ideas for exploring on iOS) For the first time ever, i can forgo bringing a laptop on my upcoming trip. What held me back before was the inability of my tablet to be used for moving photos from the camera SD card…

  • Review: Nook HD+

    Current contenders for a low cost 9 or 10 inch tablet basically comes down to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (US$329), Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (US$299) and Nook HD+ (US$269). There are cheaper tablets yet of course, but those are probably not worth considering given the typical poor specifications, low build quality and lack of…

  • Truly Useful Android Apps

    I’ve been wanting to write this article for some time but interestingly, i’ve just lost my Android phone! So this is a bit like a post-mortem dump. After the excitement of getting a new phone and experimenting with Apps has worn out, the Apps i found myself using frequently were:

  • From Eclair to Froyo: Apps Update Review

    Having upgraded to Froyo from Eclair, some apps which i have recommended before are no longer needed in my opinion. Here’s a rundown on the keepers and losers as well as new apps you may want to use with Froyo: Keepers

  • Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Review

    Upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S to the highly anticipated Froyo (i.e. Android 2.2) firmware more than a week ago. Main impression: the phone does seem more responsive. Previously (i.e. when running Android 2.1 aka Eclair), the phone is often in a state where the CPU is fully utilized and is unable to respond for no…

  • Free Android Apps for your trip

  • Android Apps Mini Review 3

    AppBrain – Besides allowing you to sync your apps list so that you can re-install them in case you had to reset your phone back to factory settings, the most prominent feature is the app recommendation, which, frankly, is the source through which i discovered most of the apps i’m recommending in my mini app…

  • What to do if your Android phone won’t boot

    Buy a new phone. Just kidding. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Don’t take risks if the potential gain is not significant. I learnt it the hard way when i tried out some App Launchers (Launcher Pro and QuickDesk Beta), both of which rendered my Samsung Galaxy S unbootable (phone starts up…

  • Android Apps Mini Review 2

    Along with those apps i have mentioned before, here are more which made it to my must have list:

  • Android Apps Mini Review

    You can probably find thousands of “My Android Apps List” postings out there, here’s mine (standard built-in apps excluded):