Setting up your new laptop: Part 1

Intel Anti-Theft

As i’ve promised myself, one of the first things i wanted to do on my new laptop was to install anti-theft software. However, as i went about it, i realized that the anti-theft software is only useful if your laptop ended up in the hands of the right people. By “right”, i mean those people with no more than a basic level of computer knowledge. You see, for the typical anti-theft software to work, the “thief” would have to launch and use the laptop in its original configuration, i.e. with the anti-theft software intact. This could be easily circumvented if the “thief” just wiped the laptop. By “virtue” of laptop manufacturers who want to make laptop recovery (i.e. resetting it to the factory default state) easy and cheap, they usually embed the recovery software right inside the laptop harddisk, and the recovery function can be invoked during boot-up, before the existing Operating System starts up. This virtually renders all software-based laptop anti-theft software useless.