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  • Frozen pre-seared Sous Vide steak

    Frozen pre-seared Sous Vide steak

    This must be a world’s first, combining the techniques of frozen seared steak with Sous Vide! Related posts: Jakarta Trip Report Card Pearl River Delta Trip Report Card Part 1 Travel bucket list: Yakushima Korea destinations – Jeju

  • Kitchen Hack: Frozen seared steak

    Kitchen Hack: Frozen seared steak

    Chanced upon this article and decided to give it a try. The recipe calls for freezing the steak and searing the steak while it is in the frozen state. I think this is especially appropriate in my case, because the steak i used is frozen steak to begin with! The recipe suggests using a heavy bottomed pot (a…

  • Marinated Sous Vide Steak

    Marinated Sous Vide Steak

    This would be my third attempt at torch charred Sous Vide steak, and i definitely got better results – better charring (smells nice) and medium rare (still slightly more done than i hoped for). This was achieved by cooking at 51°C for 40 minutes and torching at full blast. I also did marination to see if the…

  • Sous Vide Steak – Circulator vs Crock Pot

    Sous Vide Steak – Circulator vs Crock Pot

    I finally got around to making Sous Vide steak. The first and most important lesson learned is that recipes can’t help you much. They really serve only as a guide and you have to learn by experience. Both times i tried making Sous Vide steak, they ended up being overcooked. Related posts: How to ship the…

  • 4 things i love about Indonesian food

    4 things i love about Indonesian food

    1. Beef Indonesians don’t need to use Wagyu beef, or Angus beef, or any specific breed whatsoever to serve you a nice beef dish. I suspect you can just hand them any beef, any cut, and they can make it taste good. Indonesians are experts at marinating beef. You will not be able to find any beef that has…

  • Osaka, Nara, Himeji

    Osaka, Nara, Himeji

    This post is more than one week overdue. So I found out that in practice it’s difficult to blog while traveling. Anyway, if Osaka is in your travel itinerary, you might want to visit Nara and Himeji as well since they are only about an hour away from Osaka. The Osaka castle is a popular…