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  • Breakfast chronicles – Bak Kwa pork floss bun

    Breakfast chronicles – Bak Kwa pork floss bun

    Leftover Bak Kwa is a major pain every Chinese New Year, I’m sure you can identify with me. Bak Kwa is meant to be eaten by itself, and there’s only so much you can eat before you get sick of it. The main problem with using Bak Kwa in other recipes is that its taste […]

  • Breakfast chronicles – French omelette

    You can’t go wrong with serving eggs for breakfast. The French omelette style is especially tantalizing. I was actually inspired to do this after stumbling upon this YouTube video by a saucy Chinese lady living in the US. Well, for my first attempt I would say it turned out quite okay, since I didn’t try […]

  • Breakfast chronicles – Prata Quiche

    Breakfast chronicles – Prata Quiche

    A Quiche is very easy to make (you just need to mix all the ingredients together), especially when you have ready made puff pastry, which unfortunately is not affordably available here. Frozen Prata is a viable substitute. It produces flaky pastry, though it doesn’t taste buttery at all. Related posts: Taobao product recommendation – baking […]

  • Breakfast Chronicles – Bak Kwa seaweed glutinous rice wrap

    Breakfast Chronicles – Bak Kwa seaweed glutinous rice wrap

    I’m sure many of you are like me, you don’t know what to do with the Bak Kwa leftover from Chinese New Year. I decided to incorporate it into the tried and true Japanese combination of seaweed, rice and mayonnaise. Basically Sushi. I happen to have Kombu on hand, and it is easier to handle […]

  • Breakfast chronicles – Pizza

    Breakfast chronicles – Pizza

    We are not quite fond of Pizza, until our visit to Naples. Italian Pizzas are quite different from the typical Americanized version that are commercially prevalent in most other parts of the world. It is quite simple, typically with no more than five ingredients for the topping. Anyway, ever since tasting the real Italian Pizza, […]

  • Breakfast chronicles – Tortilla wrap

    Breakfast chronicles – Tortilla wrap

    This is one of my favourite breakfast recipes, because it’s easy, tasty, and relatively healthy. Homemade Tortillas are far better than store bought ones, and they’re extremely simple to make. The only thing one has to be careful about is not adding too much water to end up with a very wet dough, which will be […]

  • Breakfast chronicles – Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake

    Breakfast chronicles – Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake

    This is my first time using a cake mix. Obviously, a cake mix is fail-proof – the cake rises like magic. If you have 45 minutes to prepare breakfast, then this is an option you can include in your arsenal of breakfast recipes. Related posts: Hoegaarden beer project priming and bottling How to make kopi […]

  • Breakfast chronicles – chicken burger

    Breakfast chronicles – chicken burger

    I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time. In essence, a burger is not much different from a sandwich, but i think it looks prettier, especially when you have a smooth and shiny bun. Well, my bun was certainly far from achieving that intended effect, but it was ok. I managed to use the egg […]

  • Breakfast chronicles – Tonkotsu Ramen

    Breakfast chronicles – Tonkotsu Ramen

    Japanese Ramen, the real stuff, is one of those food items that people generally think they cannot cook at home. There are now Ramen in the form of instant noodles, and there are also pre-made soup base, but you’re very far from the real thing when you take short-cuts such as these. Related posts: Japan destinations […]

  • Breakfast chronicles – Eggs Benedict

    Breakfast chronicles – Eggs Benedict

    Homemade Eggs Benedict with homemade English muffins and homemade Hollandaise sauce. I guess it wasn’t as tedious as i thought i might be. I did use ready-made salted egg yolk, so that helped just a little bit, which, otherwise, you just need the extra step of cracking a few eggs. Related posts: Kitchen Hack: salted […]