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  • Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec

    Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec

    These are most significant cities on the eastern side of Canada. Other than Quebec City, unfortunately, they don’t offer much in terms of tourism. Nevertheless, i had to go just so that i can say i have been to Canada. I had originally planned to skip Toronto altogether, but eventually visited Toronto Chinatown for food.…

  • How to tour the Canadian Rockies

    How to tour the Canadian Rockies

    The Rocky Mountains in Canada is particularly well known, more so than its American counterpart. Tourists flock here to see the mountains, lakes and glaciers. Glaciers are also called icefields here in Canada, and along the Icefields Parkway, you can see many many glaciers. You don’t yourself justice if you don’t do some hiking, which…

  • Another mission impossible trip

    Another mission impossible trip

    Going on a trip on 20 May. This is the longest trip i will embark on yet, both in duration and distance. It probably looks impossibly crazy or even silly to some. Country count: 4 (which is little compared to the usual 9 or 10 countries i do for each Europe trip). Duration: 39 days…