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  • What you need to know about renting a car in Japan

    So i’ve just made the car rental arrangement for my upcoming Japan trip. This would be my 4th time renting a car in Japan (well the 5th time including the rental on Yakushima Island). You could say i’ve learned quite a bit along the way. For the upcoming car rental, i chose to go with […]

  • Renting a car in Taiwan

    Renting a car in Taiwan

    I have just rented a car and driven around the island (literally), and here’s my guide to car rental in Taiwan. As with the previous time, i rented from Carplus. I tried to inquire with easyrent as well, and i don’t remember exactly why, but i think it is was easier with Carplus. These two […]

  • Renting a car in Europe

    Renting a car in Europe

    This posting is long overdue. I’ve written about car rental in Japan, Korea and Thailand, but i have done car rental in Europe more times than elsewhere combined. Fine Driving in Europe is more demanding, and like it or not, there is a very good chance you will get fined in Europe. In fact, i […]

  • Renting a car in Hokkaido

    Renting a car in Hokkaido

    The rental car business is a very competitive one in Hokkaido, because the majority of visitors to Hokkaido will rent a car. This means plenty of choices and relatively low prices. I booked a rental car for JPY 32120 (S$405) for 7 days, which is only S$58 per day. This is inclusive of a one […]

  • Renting a car in Thailand

    Renting a car in Thailand

    The car rental experience in Thailand was a pleasant one. I was really impressed by the condition of the roads – wide, two lanes, level trunk roads just about everywhere. Very low volume traffic (in South Thailand), and few traffic lights. No speed camera, mostly. Thais are rather polite on the road (beyond comparison to […]

  • Renting a car in Korea

    Renting a car in Korea

    The car rental business in Korea is somewhat like that in Japan. There are no standardized industry practices. First of all, the local car rental agencies, like AJ rent a car (now actually owned by Avis), don’t allow you to book more than 3 months ahead. Lotte rent a car is worse, allowing you to make […]

  • Renting a car in Japan

    Renting a car in Japan

    Car rental is usually a pretty standard affair if you’re renting with a large international chain agency. The websites have more or less the same form submission flow. In Japan, things work differently. First off, the largest car rental companies are actually the car manufacturers, whereby Toyota and Nissan have the largest presence. Then there are the agencies – […]

  • Newbie guide to car rental for your trip

    I’ve done car rental for my travels for over 10 years now, from no less than 10 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Norway and Taiwan. There were just a few minor negative experiences (which weren’t too bad), but overall, car rental is usually the best way to […]

  • 4 tips on saving money on your trip

    #1 Book ahead Prices for hotel and car rental normally go up the closer you get to the date you are traveling, especially if it is holiday season. I have seen hotel and car rental prices more than double two months before my travel date, so you can save A LOT if you secure your hotel and […]