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  • Win, lose or draw

    Win, lose or draw

    My car started showing hesitation when moving off recently. In lay man language, it felt jerky. Brought the car to a garage and the problem was traced to faulty ignition coils and spark plugs, as pictured above. Here’s the thing: I bought the spark plugs from Amazon about 2 years back. These were aggressive spark…

  • Car Depreciation Calculator Launched

    This comes about 2 years later than promised, but better late than never. The “spreadsheet” for calculating car depreciation is finally ready. Check it out! If you have any feedback, leave a comment in this posting, thanks!

  • Honda Jazz 2009 Update Review

    Time for a report card after 2 months of driving the Jazz. The mileage did not improve very much, sad to say, averaging 13.5 km/l, and this is with rather careful driving and deliberate effort not to rev up the engine too much. I still think this will improve over time, hopefully hitting 14 km/l…

  • Car Loan Redemption Penalty

    When signing up a car loan, typically you are subjected to a redemption penalty if you choose to redeem the loan before maturity. The redemption penalty is calculated based on the method of Rule of 78. If you are interested in just getting a quick feel of how much redemption penalty you will have to…

  • Calculating car depreciation

    When is a good time to change your car (in the Singapore context)? That is a question that begs understanding for all cost conscious car owners. The short answer is: when the depreciation rate of your car starts to plateau, and the next car does not impose a high depreciation rate.