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  • Iceland 5 days itinerary

    Iceland 5 days itinerary

    Iceland boasts some of the most unique and impressive landscapes I have seen in my travels. My 5 days itinerary crams all the important sites you shouldn’t miss in possibly the shortest time possible, so you can use it as a reference if you like to get the most out of your time in Iceland. […]

  • Travel bucket list – Montenegro

    Travel bucket list – Montenegro

    I am about to embark on a 15 days Okinawa + Taiwan trip, and i have yet to blog about the Europe trip which happened almost a year ago! I thought i should do one blog entry before i go, and Montenegro is probably the most memorable among the places i have visited. The other-worldly […]

  • Renting a car in Europe

    Renting a car in Europe

    This posting is long overdue. I’ve written about car rental in Japan, Korea and Thailand, but i have done car rental in Europe more times than elsewhere combined. Fine Driving in Europe is more demanding, and like it or not, there is a very good chance you will get fined in Europe. In fact, i […]

  • Laundry art

    Laundry art

    I’ve just gotten back from my month long Europe trip and there is much to write about, and I will start with this one. I can’t explain the reason exactly, but I found it artful seeing laundry hung outside the house. You don’t find them all over Europe, only in the more sunny southern parts. […]

  • #onemontheuropetrip Italy part 1

    #onemontheuropetrip Italy part 1

    We’ve been in Italy for only 3 days, but it feels as if it’s been 3 weeks. Just so much to see and experience. It’s my third time in Rome, so i avoided most of the must-see attractions, except the Coliseum and Trevi fountain. Went to the Baths of Caracalla instead. Related posts: Europe one […]

  • #yenkaitravels #onemontheuropetrip

    #yenkaitravels #onemontheuropetrip

    Believe it or not, those were the very first hashtags I have ever used. I wanted to share photos or even videos as I travel, and what better way to do this than through a Facebook page @ facebook.com/yenkai.net. I hope you will find it interesting! By the way, I have kept the one day […]

  • Europe one month itinerary

    Europe one month itinerary

    The highest concentration of nations is found in none other than Europe, which means you can experience the highest diversity of culture in the shortest time here. Europe also offers much in terms of places of historical significance, natural landscape, food, shopping and more, which is why you keep having to go back. There are millions of […]

  • Travel Bucket List: English Gardens

    Travel Bucket List: English Gardens

    In 2010 when i visited my sister who lives in Manchester, UK, she asked what i would like to see while in the UK. I thought for a moment, and the idea that came up was, gardens. That’s what they’re famous for right? Well, they’re also famous for a few things: Soccer, Theatre and Musicals, Fish and […]

  • Travel Bucket List: Spanish Food

    Travel Bucket List: Spanish Food

    Ok, you must be wondering what Spanish food has to do with a travel bucket list. Spain does have many places worthy of being added to your bucket list, such as the Alhambra, but over and above, I love Spanish food. A satisfying breakfast with Churros, toast with cheese and ham and scrambled eggs (don’t the […]

  • Travel Bucket List: Romanian Castles and Monasteries

    Travel Bucket List: Romanian Castles and Monasteries

    Probably the first thing that comes to mind for anyone who knows something about Romanian Castles is Dracula, the novel by Bram Stoker about the vampire Count Dracula who lives in a castle somewhere in Romania. Due to the commercial interest that an association with the fictional vampire attracts, many a castles have laid claim […]