Battle of the online Marketplaces

The online marketplaces have seen a boom in their sales volume recently, thanks to the Circuit Breaker measure that has resulted in home-bound people doing much more shopping online than in brick-and-mortar shops. You may not have noticed, but I’ve seen the online sellers or merchants swing from panic selling to now hiking prices (beer […]

Honestbee dangles incentives to get return customers

  I never thought i would use Honestbee again, but they actually came up with an incentive attractive enough – $28 (taking into account the $2 concierge shopping fee) off a $120 purchase, which is almost 25%. For those who buy milk powder or diapers, $120 is a target that is quite easy to hit, but not quite so for me. […]

Discounted groceries on Qoo10

Qoo10 does a lot of promotions, and the most recent one caught my attention – Super Sale coupon, whereby you get $10 off $50 and above purchase. That’s a 20% discount, which is not bad (unfortunately this promotion is already over in case you’re wondering). There is also the weekly (every Wednesday) Mastercard coupons promotion, whereby […]

Cheap groceries in western Singapore

I think those who live in the western parts of Singapore are blessed with having easy access to cheaper groceries. I will just highlight two places in the west that i visit every now and then, all the way from Hougang, to buy cheap groceries. Standard disclaimer: this is not a paid review. When i say groceries, i […]

Last few days to enjoy $10 off $50 purchase on Redmart

Well, on new year’s day, i got a mailer from Redmart that enclosed a coupon code (HAPPY2016) giving a $5 discount. There seemed to be no other conditions attached, like minimum spending, but obviously, you’ll still want to chalk up $50 worth of purchase to avoid paying for delivery. This wasn’t as attractive as the $10 […]