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  • Hokkaido trip report card

    Hokkaido trip report card

    I took more photos of food than sights in Hokkaido, so that tells you something. Granted, i was there right smack in between flower blooming seasons of which Hokkaido is famous for. After landing in New Chitose Airport, we picked up the rental car and headed to Mitsui Outlet Park. This was a last minute […]

  • Hokkaido food review part 2

    Seafood Although you can get seafood from any part of Japan, Hokkaido justifiably lays claim to having a special association with seafood. Prior to visiting Hokkaido, the seafood we ate, when visiting the other parts of Japan, were limited to Sushi and Bentos. While in Hokkaido, we had the priviledge of trying a few things […]

  • Hokkaido food review part 1

    Hokkaido food review part 1

    Part of many traveller’s motivation of travelling to Japan is to sample Japanese food. For me, you could say it’s half the reason I’m there. I know exactly what I want to eat and plan for each meal of my trip. Hokkaido is choke full of food offerings. Here are the food I sampled in […]

  • #yenkaitravels #Hokkaido

    #yenkaitravels #Hokkaido

    Time flies and it’s almost time for my Hokkaido trip. To be honest, i have the feeling it will be anticlimatic in comparison to my Europe trip, but nevertheless, there is food and tranquility to look forward to, not to mention the extremely hot weather in Singapore that i’m so so happy to leave behind. I spent […]

  • Renting a car in Hokkaido

    Renting a car in Hokkaido

    The rental car business is a very competitive one in Hokkaido, because the majority of visitors to Hokkaido will rent a car. This means plenty of choices and relatively low prices. I booked a rental car for JPY 32120 (S$405) for 7 days, which is only S$58 per day. This is inclusive of a one […]

  • Hokkaido 9 days itinerary

    Hokkaido 9 days itinerary

    It took 3 days to work out this itinerary and book all the hotels, so you could say a trip to Hokkaido is actually not difficult to plan for. I do still need to work out details like where to go for meals, finding exact view points to see, as well as to book a rental car (that will […]