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  • Honda Jazz 2009 mileage

    Honda Jazz 2009 mileage at 17000+ km (60/40 highway/city) : 13.7 km/l. Still a little disappointing. Nowhere near the 16 km/l that a reader is getting (granted, that was achieved on the previous model, and a manual one at that). Nevertheless, the engine runs a lot smoother now and the mileage is improving, hopefully hitting…

  • Honda Jazz 2009 Review @ 10000 km

    Here’s my next and probably final review of the Honda Jazz 2009, after the 10000 km servicing, plus a long distance trip. The Good:

  • Honda Jazz 2009 Update Review

    Time for a report card after 2 months of driving the Jazz. The mileage did not improve very much, sad to say, averaging 13.5 km/l, and this is with rather careful driving and deliberate effort not to rev up the engine too much. I still think this will improve over time, hopefully hitting 14 km/l…

  • Honda Jazz 2009 Review

    I’ve had my Honda Jazz 2009 1.3A for a month now. Here’s my verdict of the car: