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  • Honestbee second review

    Honestbee second review

      My second Honestbee delivery came exactly on time at 12pm (my selected slot was 12 – 1pm), so, bravo on that. Only half the items i ordered were fulfilled, which is great – it means i’m getting a higher percentage of discount (43% to be exact). This makes me picture an imaginary scene in Honestbee’s…

  • Honestbee dangles incentives to get return customers

    Honestbee dangles incentives to get return customers

      I never thought i would use Honestbee again, but they actually came up with an incentive attractive enough – $28 (taking into account the $2 concierge shopping fee) off a $120 purchase, which is almost 25%. For those who buy milk powder or diapers, $120 is a target that is quite easy to hit, but not quite so for me.…

  • Honestbee review

    Honestbee review

    I received my first Honestbee groceries delivery yesterday. Well, they were more than 3 hours late. So much for “get groceries fast”. I was sceptical and my scepticism turned out to be right. If you read their website about how they work, they basically recruit temporary staff to do all the work – packing and…