Kitchen Hack: storing tomato paste

Tomato paste is often called for in recipes, but usually the amount required is less than the can they come in. The way to prevent wastage is to freeze the unused portion. I got this idea from a forum posting, whereby someone suggested using cling wrap to apportion the paste before freezing. This way, you […]

Amazon product recommendation – bread knife

I bought the Update International (KP-05) 9″ German Steel Offset Bread Knife for slicing bread (obviously). If you used a chopper knife, you’ll end up squashing the bread. I haven’t used any other bread knife before, so i don’t know how this particular one from Update International compares with other brands and makes, but it works very […]

Amazon product recommendation – Lodge pan scraper

This was one of those suggested items that appeared when i was browsing on Amazon. I was skeptical, but the price was just right to make up the minimum total amount required for free shipping on Amazon, so I went ahead and ordered one, since, for some time, I have been frustrated with cleaning the post-cooking […]

Kitchen Hack: salted egg yolk everything

You don’t live on this planet if you didn’t notice the latest craze on using salted egg yolk in all kinds of food. Yes, even McDonald’s outed a salted egg yolk chicken burger. Did you ever wonder how they source for the salted egg yolk? Well, i’m no F&B industry expert, and i’m only speculating, that most […]

Kitchen Hack: Sous Vide derived soup base

I made an interesting discovery while experimenting with Sous Vide – the by-product from Sous Vide, consisting of cooked juices from meat, makes for a great soup base. It is like prized concentrated double boiled soup, having been cooked with the meat for the 3 to 12 hours usually involved in Sous Vide. It may be a little […]