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  • Taobao shipping options 2020

    A lot has changed since Taobao shopping became popular a few years ago. I would recommend doing shipping differently than before. First up, forget about Taobao direct or consolidated shipping. It is SLOW, and relatively expensive. The air shipping could take as long as the sea shipping offered by other forwarders. Overall the shipping feels […]

  • Taobao parcel forwarder review – SGShop

    Taobao parcel forwarder review – SGShop

    I never expected to have to try yet another Taobao parcel forwarder after i have already gone through Taobao official shipping, ezbuy and 86of. I had to ship a piece of phone battery, which is obviously a sensitive item. Taobao official sea shipping does not allow it. Ezbuy still does not work (and probably won’t […]

  • Another ezbuy fail – eBay forwarding

    Another ezbuy fail – eBay forwarding

    Update: Not sure what happened, but i don’t get that error message anymore. So my post below does not apply anymore, and yes, i’m back to using ezbuy for USA forwarding. I have used ezbuy to forward eBay purchases from the US countless times, but when i tried to checkout my cart today, i encountered […]

  • Ezbuy ship-for-me is down again

    Ezbuy has been trying to get back onto shipping Taobao goods again, and the strategy they employed of late is to change the forwarding address frequently, plus, using funny looking addresses. The most recent forwarding address is 阳光海鲜大排档转凤岗韵达网点转xxx (where xxx is your user id). That’s the name of a restaurant if you’re not well versed […]

  • Parcel forwarding from the US – vPost vs ezbuy

    So, i just shipped two Amazon parcels from the US, using vPost and ezbuy respectively. I’ve been shipping parcels from the US using ezbuy exclusively for years, but was forced to look for an alternative recently. You might be wondering, why would i need to ship Amazon parcels through a third party forwarder if there […]

  • Ezbuy hits another wall

    Apparently, Ezbuy is now blocked from forwarding Amazon purchases (for selected items). I turn to vPost for now, but i hope Ezbuy will be back in action (Update: i shipped another Amazon order to ezbuy warehouse and it worked). I believe they’re still the cheapest around. Related posts: Amazon product recommendation – Christmas gifts for […]

  • Taobao parcel forwarder review – DPEX

    Taobao parcel forwarder review – DPEX

    My default Taobao parcel forwarder is ZTO-DPEX. I used to know how to change the default forwarder but I cannot locate the place to change it currently. If you know how to do so please enlighten me by leaving a comment! By the way, the shipping fee for ZTO is the same as for Dex-i […]

  • Taobao parcel forwarder review – Road Bull

    Taobao parcel forwarder review – Road Bull

    My latest Taobao consolidate and shipping delivery via ZTO was just completed, and this time the local delivery was handled by Road Bull. The interesting thing is, the delivery was done while I was overseas. A photo was provided as proof of delivery (featured image above). Related posts: Taobao parcel forwarder review – Ninja Van […]

  • Taobao parcel forwarder review – Ninja Van

    Taobao parcel forwarder review – Ninja Van

    It’s been more than a year since i last used Taobao consolidated shipping. The singles day promotion looked tempting, and i gave it a try again. There was a 13 Yuan discount, which halved the first kg cost. At just 13 Yuan (S$2.70) for a 1kg shipment, i felt it would be a waste not […]

  • 86OF Lost Parcel

    86OF Lost Parcel

    And so it happened to me, as predicted by myself. My very first parcel that is nowhere to be found in 86OF’s warehouse. You may have ended up reading this post because you had the same fate. What I have to say to you is, don’t panic! Most likely, the parcel will be found. Also, […]