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  • Shopee product recommendation – Ozone air purifier

    Shopee product recommendation – Ozone air purifier

    The other day i mentioned that i was going to get an Ozone air purifier for my fridge. Well, today i took delivery of the Enerfer Ozone air purifier. I’m very pleased with both the price and the dimensions of this product. It is rather diminutive and won’t take up much of your precious fridge…

  • Shopee product review – Fridgeballs

    Shopee product review – Fridgeballs

    Like many new products i’m trying out these days, i first saw these Fridgeballs on one of the Facebook videos. Toss one of these balls into your fridge and your fruits and vegetables will last twice as long. Sounded like a good idea, and i immediately did a search on Taobao to see if such…