True Singapore Food – Carrot Cake aka Cai Tao Kueh

It goes without saying that Carror Cake or Cai Tao Kueh (CTK) is the mainstay of Singapore hawker food. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. It has its roots in Teochew, but has certainly evolved to become something uniquely Singaporean. I used to avoid eating CTK because it is too unhealthy […]

How to get a Russia Tourist Visa in Singapore

St Basil’s Cathedral is the first thing that comes to my mind at the mention of Russia. The iconic cathedral with multi-coloured onion domes is something i thought i should behold someday. Well, the day is coming soon. I have just obtained the Visa for entry into Russia for tourism. What deters many from visiting Russia, […]

True Singapore Food: Hainanese curry rice

Hainanese curry rice is pretty common in Singapore, but not so much in Malaysia (by the way, it definitely did not originate from Hainan in China). I don’t recall ever seeing Hainanese curry rice in KL, but apparently you can find them as far north of Singapore as Malacca. In any case, it is not easily found […]

Cheap groceries in western Singapore

I think those who live in the western parts of Singapore are blessed with having easy access to cheaper groceries. I will just highlight two places in the west that i visit every now and then, all the way from Hougang, to buy cheap groceries. Standard disclaimer: this is not a paid review. When i say groceries, i […]

Hidden Gem: Ci Yuan Hawker Centre

Well, this place is literally hidden, in a Community Club. The first of its kind, it is planted inside a place where one least expects to find a hawker centre, until now. Community Centres are increasingly infused with commercial spaces – MacDonald’s and other eateries have long been introduced. I suppose food is one of the best ways […]

True Singapore Food: Chwee Kueh

Chwee Kueh (steamed rice cake) is as Singaporean as it gets. I have not seen it anywhere else in the region. No, not really in Malaysia, other than in neighbouring Johor, which may well have imported it from Singapore. Not in Thailand, nor Indonesia. It is interesting for being light enough as an after-meal snack, yet heavy enough […]

True Singapore Food: Yellow Noodles

If Fried Bee Hoon is ubiquitous in Singapore, one could say Yellow Noodles is at least equally so, making an appearance in a wide range of dishes, including but not limited to Fried Mee (sibling to Fried Bee Hoon at economic Bee Hoon stalls), Mee Goreng, soup noodles (think prawn and pork ribs soup noodle […]