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  • Surabaya trip highlights

    Surabaya trip highlights

    The most “shiok” (enjoyable) part of the trip was being able to leave my kids to the care of my parents every night while me and my wife head over to the hotel pub or lounge for a drink. The pub experience at The Maj in Hotel Majapahit was one of the best. Unfortunately there…

  • Surabaya 5 days itinerary

    Surabaya 5 days itinerary

    What’s there to see in Surabaya you might ask? Not much actually (no offence¬†intended). I took advantage of a promotion by¬†Singapore Airlines and chose to fly to the nearest destination. At S$180 per adult, it’s a steal. The total came up to S$695 for 2 adults and 2 children. Comparatively, the tickets i bought for…