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  • Raining cats and dogs in Hat Yai

    Raining cats and dogs in Hat Yai

    This was the first trip ever I had to change my itinerary due to adverse weather. It slipped my mind that when we went to Krabi last year, we heard news about flooding in southern Thailand. The weather in Krabi was really good, while on the eastern coast, the monsoon wreaked havoc. History repeated itself […]

  • Grabbing a taxi in Bangkok

    Grabbing a taxi in Bangkok

    Probably the best way to grab a taxi in Bangkok is to Grab one (as in to use the Grab app). It was certainly a convenient way to get a six seater taxi, which is now available abundantly. The other advantages are – not having to fumble over communicating the destination to the driver since […]

  • Krabi and Phuket trip report card

    Krabi and Phuket trip report card

    Probably the only thing that didn’t go as smoothly as planned during the entire trip was the immigration clearance at Krabi airport. I was among the last to disembark from the plane, and it took 40 minutes of queuing before it was our turn to get through immigration. Anyway, not a single hitch thereafter. Day 1 […]

  • Renting a car in Thailand

    Renting a car in Thailand

    The car rental experience in Thailand was a pleasant one. I was really impressed by the condition of the roads – wide, two lanes, level trunk roads just about everywhere. Very low volume traffic (in South Thailand), and few traffic lights. No speed camera, mostly. Thais are rather polite on the road (beyond comparison to […]

  • Krabi and Phuket 4 days itinerary

    Krabi and Phuket 4 days itinerary

    I grabbed cheap tickets to Krabi, at S$60 per person, from more than a year ago, and it’s time for me to work out the details of the itinerary. I guess few would do this – visit both Krabi and Phuket in the same trip. In fact, i suspect very few know that Krabi and Phuket […]

  • Bangkok trip report card

    Bangkok trip report card

    Everything went as planned, except for improvements made on the itinerary. I was originally going to give Krua Apsorn a miss, but after reading various rave reviews by foodie bloggers, and since I didn’t think I would be in Bangkok so often, I decided I had to go this round. Also, i dropped Platinum Mall […]

  • 6 things I love about Thai Food

    6 things I love about Thai Food

    1. Spice, Sauce and Soup What can i say, Thais have perfect mastery over the spices they put in their food, the creation of sauces or gravy that really goes well with food, and the concoction of soup that are mind-boggling appetizing. I was never a fan of the “Thai sauce” that is commonly served in Singapore – […]

  • Bangkok Travel Tips

    Bangkok Travel Tips

    Data SIM card I followed Aroimakmak’s advice and bought the AIS Traveller SIM from Changi Recommends at Changi airport. It worked without requiring any activation – just insert SIM card into phone and you’re good to go. All the telcos sell SIM cards for tourists at the same price – 299 Baht which comes with […]

  • Bangkok 3.5 days itinerary

    Bangkok 3.5 days itinerary

    The last time i went to Bangkok was in 2001, for work. Back then, the only place i visited was MBK. I guess that was as good as not having been to Bangkok. For my upcoming 3.5 days trip to Bangkok, i have come up with the following itinerary. Grouping nearby places to visit together seems to […]