Travel bucket list: Yakushima

Yakushima ranks among the highest rated attractions in all of Japan. It is a small island south of Kyushu with UNESCO World Heritage status, no less. Having seen the photos and generally raving reviews, I needed little convincing to decide to come here as part of my whirlwind tour of Kyushu. Related posts: Jakarta Trip Report […]

Travel Bucket List: English Gardens

In 2010 when i visited my sister who lives in Manchester, UK, she asked what i would like to see while in the UK. I thought for a moment, and the idea that came up was, gardens. That’s what they’re famous for right? Well, they’re also famous for a few things: Soccer, Theatre and Musicals, Fish and […]

Travel Bucket List: Spanish Food

Ok, you must be wondering what Spanish food has to do with a travel bucket list. Spain does have many places worthy of being added to your bucket list, such as the Alhambra, but over and above, I love Spanish food. A satisfying breakfast with Churros, toast with cheese and ham and scrambled eggs (don’t the […]

Travel Bucket List: Romanian Castles and Monasteries

Probably the first thing that comes to mind for anyone who knows something about Romanian Castles is Dracula, the novel by Bram Stoker about the vampire Count Dracula who lives in a castle somewhere in Romania. Due to the commercial interest that an association with the fictional vampire attracts, many a castles have laid claim […]

Travel Bucket List: Provence

Think Provence, think Lavender. Well, Provence is much more than that, but Provence is probably the place most associated with Lavender. The chief aim of my trip there June last year was to catch a glimpse of the fabled Lavender fields. The Lavenders only start to bloom from late June, which made me rather anxious, since […]