Taobao Christmas gift shopping 2020

This post is probably a little late. These are some cool items I came across while browsing during the 12.12 sales period. You may still be able to receive the Taobao goods in time if you shipped by air freight, so anyway here goes:

Suspended blocks toys
Gravity defying – almost looks like magic.
Typical Chinese heck-care-about-copyright products but cool nonetheless


These are like Lego Technic except they are much better value. All-in-one jack of all trades.

Nixie tube clock

These used to cost a lot more when they first appeared. Now that they are on Taobao, everyone can afford one.

DIY decorative lights

Very eye catching stuff.


Cheap and nice looking desk top decoration

Indoor stove top griller

Skip the restaurant and do it at home

Post-it note paper sculpture

I don’t think anyone can resist the urge to just tear off everything at one go. So mesmerizing, but very expensive.

Private lawn

Your very own private lawn. Not sure if you can ship this..

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