Taobao Christmas gift shopping 2021

Does time pass more quickly or slowly during a pandemic? I’m not sure, but it’s time to shop for Christmas gifts again. Here are some interesting finds on Taobao (click on image for link to product).

DIY remote control car

At S$5.50 a piece it will not break the bank. Note that it is very small but i’m sure boys won’t mind

Mini bricks for miniature house

S$2.10 for 50 bricks. Does not come with cement unfortunately.

Microscope set

Electronically magnified 1200x. At S$8.40 only, i think kids might think it cost $48.

DIY wooden globe

These are Robotime wannabes, but for cheaper of course (starting from S$6).

Hologram projector

Could entertain kids for an hour maybe. S$3

Egg timer

In an adorable egg shape (S$2).

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