Taobao parcel forwarder review – DEX/MSC

Bottom line: Not recommended.

Parcel status update

First and probably the last time trying DEX/MSC. According to the status update, my parcel took 10 days to clear customs and be put on a flight, and 2 weeks to be delivered. There are 2 notifications telling me they’re out on delivery, but the first one was just a false alarm. Finally, I received an SMS saying they may arrive “any time now”, but they came almost 2 hours later. To the credit of the delivery men though, they bothered to answer my SMS asking about time of arrival.

I’ve actually split my Taobao goods into two parts, with the other part being shipped via ezbuy’s sea freight (bulky and heavy items), and the sea freight is taking just 6 days longer! Between DEX/MSC and PRouter/PRT Express, I chose MSC because they have a website. Looks like having a website doesn’t mean anything at all. Anyway, i will likely just stick to ezbuy most of the time.

Pros – One of the cheapest shipping rates. No repacking done on the individual parcels (i.e. everything came in their original packaging).

Cons – Too slow.

Update 26 Jun 2016

DEX is now paired up with a courier company called simplypost (probably since some time ago). Maybe there were too many complaints.

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12 responses to “Taobao parcel forwarder review – DEX/MSC”

  1. Jayzee Avatar

    Hi Yuen Kai,

    I came across your blog post after searching for reviews on MSC Delivery ( and I have to say I totally agree that if you could have a choice of avoiding MSC, please AVOID MSC AT ALL COST!

    My package was stuck in their Singapore warehouse for the longest time and calls via their hotline were not answered. When I paid them a visit to their warehouse, the staff did not have any idea when is the scheduled delivery for the package and the owners (who are husband and wife) were just plain rude. Many lame reasons were given for the delay and all the excuses are not consistent to one another. They were just hoping one of their explanation would hit the jackpot with you. Things started to get aggressive when I asked for a commitment and the husband (this short, fat guy with a grey crew cut hair and a huge tummy whom I think the staff called him Mr Tay) started hurling profanities and personal insults.

    I had encountered MSC being assigned to being the local courier on a few occasions and I have to say that without fail, the delays are the only consistent thing they can deliver despite their attempts to appear professional. And being just plain rude, especially from the owners, just reflects their company culture.

    Geraldine Tay-Goh and your husband, good luck to your business.

    PS. Avoid too, it’s one of their subsidaries.

    1. Jayzee Avatar

      My apologies for the typo for your name, it’s suppose to be Yen Kai instead of Yuen Kai

      1. yenkai Avatar

        No worries, somehow yuen seems more natural than yen to a lot of people?!

    2. yenkai Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

    3. Jo Avatar


      My goods is also stuck at their warehouse now I suppose. Since the 11th of this month it was shown as “shipment inbound scanned”. Does it mean it is still at their warehouse? Tried calling them 2 days in a row but nobody picked up. Terrible

  2. Jenny Avatar

    Hi Yen Kai, i just saw your review regarding this courier and agree that its not reliable! Dex-i engaged MSC to deliver my package…

    My taobao parcel (20+kg) was shown as out for delivery on Monday morning 11July and i was at home the whole day but did not receive it at all… The company contact number and email is totally unresponsive at all times.. Checked the tracking yesternday morning 12July and reflected that it was returned to warehouse and today again saw online that it is out for delivery. of coz up till now i have not received the package or any sms notification whatsoever..

    I seriously have no idea who i can contact regarding the delivery of my package.. and taobao is gonna release payment to sellers automatically but i have not even seen my goods!

    Will totally avoid this company at all cost in the future!

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Jenny, sorry to hear about your situation. I thought MSC is already replaced by Simply Post? I would speculate that there were too many complaints about MSC that they were replaced.

      Regarding the release of payment to seller, i think unless you’re buying something really expensive, it usually doesn’t make sense to return the goods for a refund, because the fee to ship a defective item back to the seller is probably not worth it. The main advantage about buying from Taobao is that the stuff are so cheap that you can afford to throw them away if anything goes wrong. But so far, i have only received defective goods once or twice, so it’s not much of a problem.

    2. JJ Avatar

      My parcel is also stuck in their MSC SG warehouse. It shows that they are out for delivery last thurs but didn’t appear. Tel and email no reply. Worst thing is even DEX can’t contact them! will i be getting my parcel just that it will take longer to deliver?

  3. Ice lee Avatar
    Ice lee

    My parcel Also stuck in their warehouse abt two weeks already and no one answer call and responce for email, today checked again show the status ” self collection”. I wonder what is this mean ? Meaning my parcel was mistoken by someone or parcel missiing??
    So worry my parcel now …..

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Sorry to hear about that.. looking at these comments, i think i would go to their office to check. Those could be the last few Taobao parcels they are handling and i’m guessing they don’t give priority.

  4. Angie Avatar

    Hi, yenkai. Till now your package have not reach you? my package was with them since 13/07 till now no update . They are terrible . They don even pick up phone call.

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Angie, actually I don’t have any parcel with MSC currently. In view of the recent surge in comments regarding problems with MSC, I felt something is not right, and it’s probably a good idea to check with MSC office in person.

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