Taobao parcel forwarder review – Road Bull

My latest Taobao consolidate and shipping delivery via ZTO was just completed, and this time the local delivery was handled by Road Bull.

The interesting thing is, the delivery was done while I was overseas. A photo was provided as proof of delivery (featured image above).

I would say I felt satisfied with the delivery service rendered, assuming the delivery man was careful in placing the parcel at its resting place. My parcels include some LED bulbs, and it would be tragic if they were broken due to poor handling. (If I didn’t have any further update here, it means it was ok)

Road Bull sends an SMS with a link to the tracking page, and there is no need to key in any tracking number, which is nice. In this respect, they are actually better than Ninja Van.

On the other hand, Ninja Van notifies customers about the pending delivery on the day of delivery, which is better than Road Bull. However, they do so through WhatsApp, and I wonder if they send an SMS to those customers who are not using WhatsApp.

Road Bull tracking information page

FYI, the international tracking number (国际配送单号) begins with 80.

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