Taobao product recommendation – Aircond remote control

The aircond remote control is one of those things that’s bound to become spoiled after some years of usage. The LCD becomes illegible. Thankfully, you can find compatible replacement remote controls from Taobao.

I’m sure most people would prefer to buy a remote control that looks exactly the same as the one its meant to replace, but for the savings i am able to enjoy by buying from Taobao, i don’t mind slight differences. The remote control i got has an extra heat mode, which obviously doesn’t apply in this part of the world. But hey, it’s in English, and that’s more than good enough for me.

For 15.80 Yuan (S$3.15), and including shipping, it still works out to be cheaper than what you can find on Shopee or Lazada. I also got a “universal” fan remote control. Unfortunately this one didn’t work with my EuropAce tower fan. Oh well, for 7.6 Yuan (S$1.50) it was still worth trying.

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