Taobao product recommendation – automatic coffee machine

This is one of the most expensive items I have purchased on Taobao. As with most things on Taobao, it is cheaper than the equivalent coffee machine sold in the stores. The closest competitor is the De’Longhi Magnifica S which sells for around S$900. At 2980 Yuan (S$605), the Thermos is a no-brainer choice. The pricing fluctuates, but the 2980 is about the lowest i have seen so far. You might want to purchase from the official Thermos Taobao store if the price is the same.

I’m just so glad that a fully automatic coffee machine is finally affordable for home use. There are even cheaper alternatives (albeit with a brand name that’s obviously a rip-off: DeLeisure), with pricing starting from 2398 Yuan (S$490). The other model i was actually seriously considering was the Colet, but ultimately i very much prefer Thermos’ full colour pictorial menu, plus the brand name. Also, the water tank slants out from the side, which is a better design than the ones (e.g. Colet) that require you to insert vertically.

Quite a few languages are offered

So how is the coffee? It is quite good! The latte foam is very fine. I got this machine mainly to entertain guests. Can’t beat having coffee made at the press of a button. If you’re a coffee addict, this may not be a good idea!

Some useful specs if you’re going to ship this via sea freight. Mine was brought back on a flight.
The nicely designed box
The instruction manual

You do earn cashback when purchasing this product.

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