Taobao product recommendation – Broadlink Smart-home devices

A Smart-home setup is all the rage these days. I say this because i have two friends who have done-up their new homes with Smart-home features. It is not exaggerating to say that a Smart-home is synonymous with Broadlink (a Chinese Tech company), at least in this part of the world, because their products are the most accessible and popularized ones. There are many sources for Broadlink products, but Taobao is likely the cheapest one for obvious reasons.

I bought the RM Mini 3 during the Singles (11.11) day promotion, and it was only 60 Yuan (S$12.50). Including shipping, it was probably under S$15 overall. I recently also got hold of the SP3 plug during the CNY promotion, and it was only 39 Yuan (S$8.15). I noticed that the official Broadlink store on Taobao often run out of stock during the promotional period. Either that, or, for some reason, they would withdraw items from sale on their store. Thankfully, other stores on Taobao would match their pricing, and that was how i managed to get the SP3.

Broadlink tries hard to make their App look polished, but they’re not there yet. That said, it is more than decent. Setting up devices is pretty easy. I was able to just hit the “configure” button on the App, and the SP3 plug was discovered and added as a device.

A default Chinese name was assigned to the SP3 plug even though my phone is entirely in English
The SP3 plug is just that, giving you the ability to turn on or off the power supply from your mobile device, or to set a schedule
Broadlink’s effort to simplify and to inform users is appreciated, although the look and feel and the language are sometimes odd
And it works as expected. Simple testing using an LED light.
I like the no-wastage packaging of Broadlink products. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they also look cute.
Perhaps the main inconvenience when using Broadlink products is having employ adaptors to suit the UK pin configuration we have here, and it looks somewhat funny
My Smart-home enabled devices as of now
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