Taobao product recommendation – chopper knife and chopping board

Heavy duty bamboo chopping board and chopper knife
Heavy duty bamboo chopping board and chopper knife

I had to buy a new set of chopper knife and chopping board recently. I didn’t bother to shop for these in any of the local stores, as i’m pretty sure the prices on Taobao is overwhelmingly cheaper.

There are basically three types of chopping board – wood, bamboo and plastic. There are many articles on the pros and cons of each, and i think this one is quite balanced. It is however, as usual, written with a slant towards protecting the knife, which i guess is a big deal for professional chefs. I’m not bothered about how a bamboo board might dull my knife easily, as i will just buy a new one as and when necessary. Knives, as with many stainless steel products, are even cheaper from Taobao.

The unibody knife featured in the photo above cost only 19 Yuan (S$3.90). It is very sharp, feels a little rough when slicing and a tad too light for my liking. Nevertheless, i will probably get used to it after a while.

Works great for thinly slicing beef
The knife works fine for thinly slicing beef

The 3cm extra-thick bamboo chopping board in the same photo is 58 Yuan (S$11.90). It is made of two whole-piece bamboo slabs bonded back-to-back. I decided to use this for chopping meat since i think it will be quite durable. Also, i figured, in case after prolonged use, bits of the chopping board surface comes off and gets into the food, it is just bamboo anyway, which may be better than plastic. I have designated one side of the board for raw meat and the other for cooked meat, for maximum safety.

To tackle the problem of bacteria, i decided to try applying wood oil. Another strategy would be to use a plastic chopping board and replacing it more frequently.

I also bought a plastic chopping board for cutting vegetable and fruits. It is an unbelievably low price of only 7.50 Yuan (S$1.55). Indeed, the shipping fee to Singapore cost more than the board itself, but for a grand total of S$6.50 to ship these items, adding up to a grand total of S$24 for everything, i think i would have otherwise been able to buy only a single chopping board in a store here.

Very large piece of typical HDPE chopping board
For S$1.55, you get a very large piece of a no-frills HDPE chopping board

For cutting and mincing garlic and onion, i decided to use my old plastic chopping board. Happy that i finally got these sorted.

Using the free smaller bamboo chopping board as serving board
Using the small bamboo chopping board which came bundled free with the larger one as serving board

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2 responses to “Taobao product recommendation – chopper knife and chopping board”

  1. Josh Avatar

    Hi, how do you ship knife to singapore? I try to purchase a chife knife from taobao via sgshop(economy sea), but was decline, stating that all knives are prohibited. Can I ship it via taobao Global consolidate and shipping?

    1. yenkai Avatar

      Hi Josh, i just checked my order details, and i shipped it through ezbuy. I suspect every company may have different policy and over time, the policy can change.

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