Taobao product recommendation – Churros tools

Churros is surprisingly easy to make, to the point that i don’t understand how people can make a business out of selling Churros alone. The recipe is simple and idiot proof, but you do need to get the piping bag and star-shaped tip.

While you can find many sellers on Shopee selling piping bag and tip, they are mostly for cake decoration, and you can’t choose the size and shape. For Churros, you do need to get a large sized tip. The one i got was still a little small, but smaller Churros are probably easier to cook, and also you get a higher proportion of the crispy outer layer relative to the soft batter in the center. It remains crispy for hours, which is fantastic. Note that you need to get the large sized piping bag to pair with this tip.

Piping bag and star-shape tip

At only CNY 5.98 (S$1.20) for the tools, it’s a cheap investment for a lifetime of Churros.

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