Taobao product recommendation – Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

I have previously recommended this Korean cordless vacuum cleaner, but now that i have tried a Chinese one powered by Lithium battery, i’d say the Chinese one wins hands down.

I bought the HanFuRen, which is obviously a Dyson knock-off. I managed to get it while it was on sale, at an amazing price of 199 Yuan (S$40). It is currently selling for 299 Yuan – the singles day sale doesn’t always give you the best deal.

How does it perform? Spectacularly! The suction power is rated 8.5kPa, compared to only 4kPa for the NiMH battery powered ones. It sucks (as in dust) really well. I can feel a difference after vacuuming the floor (not so much for the NiMH ones). Also, the vaccum floor nozzle glides across the floor really smoothly. I would say that it can effectively replace a corded vacuum cleaner.

I really like seeing the fine dust inside the collection chamber

It is shipped in a surprisingly puny box (forgot to take photo, sorry). I would estimate that the dimensions of the box are 14cm X 22cm X 40cm, which should mean the cost of shipping is reasonable, even when having to pay shipping rates for sensitive items. I hand carried it back from China, so i can’t advice what the shipping cost is like.

I highly recommend this product, especially if you are able to snag it at 199 Yuan.

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