Taobao product recommendation – Crepes machine

It’s almost unbelievable that an electric kitchen gadget can cost just $6.60 (33 Yuan). So cheap that there’s no need to think before grabbing – the Crepes machine that I first saw in a Facebook video.

I think how well it performs depends on the batter. From my first attempt experience I would say it works well. I had the idea of making a mille crepe cake and I think it can be done more easily with this machine than with the conventional way. Update: I think my gripe with this machine is that you have to hand hold it such that it levitates above the batter, which gets tiring after a while, especially since it doesn’t heat up as quickly as a conventional stove. If you’re experienced enough, doing it the traditional way may still be easier.

The hole in the middle is probably due to not waiting long enough before lifting up from the batter
Flipped over and yep, that looks like Crepes alright.
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