Taobao product recommendation – Cube Timer

Do you have a kid who keeps procrastinating? I do. That’s why i got this cube timer, and it worked in helping to get the kid to be more mindful of time. Actually a sand timer is much more artistic, but less durable, and you couldn’t reset the countdown midway. With this cube timer, you have the option to countdown from 15/20/30/60 minutes (or 1/3/5/10 minutes). It sits there visible to the kid to remind them that the countdown is happening, and the operation is much more straightforward than using a phone for countdown (which they won’t bother to in the long run). It adds an element of fun towards whatever task they’re supposed to finish, so much so they will feel incentivized to use the timer. You could even grab one of these to be given as a Christmas gift to the kid (when actually it’s more of helping your own cause.. hohoho).

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