Taobao product recommendation – household ozone sterilizer

This is another product recommended by Dr Tom Wu. I felt it delivers a big impact for a fairly low cost. Food is becoming less safe in this age when there is tremendous pressure to drive the cost of food down. This inevitably implies widespread use of chemicals in agriculture.

An ozone sterilizer is an effective and convenient way to mitigate the problem. It is convenient because it runs on electricity and does not involve any consumables. It is also actually quite effective in killing bacteria and removing pesticide.

Two tubes plus three outlet nozzles provided. Convenient for applying to vegetable and meat separately.
The device has a single function – generate ozone micro bubbles. Operating it is simple of course – turn the timer dial to the duration you want your food to be subjected to the ozone-charged gas
The manual even has an English section

For only 188 Yuan (S$38), i think every household should have one. The manual lists a wide range of applications including sterilizing utensils and even the wardrobe or room (i.e. just let the device emit the gas into the air). You do earn cashback when purchasing this product as well.

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