Taobao product recommendation – Japanese style deep frying pot

Some time ago i bought an electric deep fryer. While it is still relevant, it is more suited to doing deep frying for a small party. You can basically set a reminder and leave it frying on its own while you entertain your guests or do other chores. It is also relatively smokeless. Nevertheless, the downside is the amount of oil used, which is up to one litre at a time.

Most of the time, my frying is done in a Tamagoyaki pan, which is relatively shallow and therefore uses minimal oil. However, some items create a lot of splatter when fried, for example fried chicken. I decided to try a Japanese style deep frying pot. Such a pot is often used for Tempura frying. It costs only around S$12 for the 304 stainless steel one, so why not.

The thermometer does help. I can slow down the frying to prevent burning when I’m occupied with other tasks.

It was indeed a lot easier doing deep frying with the pot. You can literally throw stuff into it and not worry about splatter. And you can do shallow frying and save oil. I highly recommend it. Note that some reviewers mention the item is somewhat crude and seems to have sharp edges, and it is true. But, it is not to the point it will cut whenever you just hold it. For the price I seriously don’t mind.

The drip tray can hold a huge piece of fried chicken without problem
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