Taobao product recommendation – Low power wireless camera

The Ring camera was probably among the first battery powered wireless cameras launched, back in 2013. Since then, they have been proven to actually work, which is amazing. Operating on a battery, it is truly wireless and can be mounted anywhere.

I use two VStarcam security cameras, one indoors and the other semi-outdoor, and they are both still working flawlessly, after more than 4 years. It makes sense to buy a battery powered wireless camera from VStarcam also, especially since I will be able to do monitoring from the same App (Eye4 plus from VStarcam).

I managed to snag the camera at a discounted price of 270 Yuan (S$58), and this version comes with a solar panel, which is nice. I am using it indoors (the solar panel is useless indoors) but who knows, someday i might use it outdoors. Update: the version without solar panel can be be had for 217 Yuan (S$47) now which is a good deal.

The camera is hefty as you can see. The weight understandably comes from the battery.
Solar panel with a micro-USB connector. This means you can use it for other devices also, though i doubt it is useful for charging a phone.
VStarcam is quite established
Mounting for the camera and solar panels.

Setting up the device is easy, just need to scan QR code. The Eye4 plus app is also adequate. The PIR sensor on the camera is much more accurate at capturing motion trigger than the other cameras without PIR sensor which rely only on image processing. The image quality is good.

Monitoring through Eye4 plus app. Videos are timestamped. There is a battery level indicator at the top right which is nice.

As I have mentioned in my review four years ago, all data goes through VStarcam’s server in China, so if you’re worried about privacy, you might want to stay away. Otherwise, this is a cheap option to get the work done.

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