Taobao Product Recommendation – Meat Slicer

Uniformly sliced meat. It’s mostly impossible to do that with just a knife. To be able to properly slice meat, the meat has to be somewhat frozen. In frozen state, it takes much effort to do the slicing, and it will likely be uneven. A tool is imperative.

I got hold of this cheap manual slicer from Taobao, costing 79.90 Yuan (S$16.33). It’s rather crudely made, but that’s expected for this price. In essence, it works as advertised. I think this is a tool every kitchen needs, although i would suggest skipping this and going directly for an electric slicer, costing only 298 Yuan (S$61).

Slices frozen meat like butter, almost. This machine is not meant to slice such a big block of meat, so the edges can’t be sliced properly. In fact, you can’t even position the meat in the secured compartment, but it still works somewhat and you’ll have to be extra careful of the meat slipping. Do this at your own risk!
Adjustable slice width. You could slice up a huge block of pork belly in minutes.

Anyway, for now, this manual slicer will do, and i’m happy i don’t have to slice meat by knife anymore. For ladies, I think this tool won’t do, sometimes it requires a lot of strength to slice a thick block. Go for electric instead.

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