Taobao product recommendation – Mechanical timer

Some time back i recommended getting a cube timer as a time keeping tool for students. Well, my kid managed to crashing onto the floor, knocking out the buzzer in the process, so it’s pretty much rendered useless. There was actually an alternative product which i also liked, which i purchased this time round. The price has actually fallen quite a bit, which makes it all the more attractive.

I was looking at a mechanical timer (24 Yuan ~S$5, i got it for 18.5). Well you could call it a kitchen timer, or whatever. The salient feature is that it comes with a visual clue, like a pie chart telling you how much time is left. Also, it is completely mechanical, not requiring battery, which makes it even more convenient. I suspect it is even more fragile than the cube timer, but it really works well as a time keeper for students.

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