Taobao product recommendation – Mosquito trap

Here’s your chance to own a Dyson product for cheap – 128 Yuan (S$25.50). The price has now further dropped to 108 Yuan or S$21.50. Unbelievable right? The Dyson branding is for this mosquito trap is not legitimate for sure. The product description is now simply “第五代” or “Fifth generation”, so they’re obviously trying to stay low. On the product page, they have a photo of a group of supposed German scientists whereby the Dyson logo appears in the backdrop. I doubt they can have Dyson’s endorsement for such a coarsely made product. Nevertheless, i must admit, i actually bought this product partly for the Dyson branding.

It’s feathery light

What also attracted me to this product was the Carbon Dioxide that this product claims to emit. Only other so-called German products make a similar claim, so i am willing to give this one a try.

Well, there are not a lot of mosquitoes in my home, but there are mosquitoes occassionally. The fan is actually very noisy, but you would normally use it when nobody is around (if anyone is around, the mosquito will go after the person and not be lured by the trap). Despite the noise of the fan, this device managed to trap one mosquito, and i’m happy enough with that.

All curled up

I can’t say for sure that this device is effective at working its magic, and for the excessive noise produced, i wouldn’t recommend it. If you are interested in such a product, you should search for “德国灭蚊” (German mosquito extinguisher) and decide for yourself which product looks more convincing.

Update: I switched on the trap after sighting a mosquito flying around. True enough, the mosquito was eliminated. An Aedes mosquito no less.
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