Taobao product recommendation – Non-stick stainless steel wok

We all know that food sticks to stainless steel cookware, but now, they have figured out how to make stainless steel non-stick. The surface is made to minimize contact with the foodstuff such that the food “floats”. This is a winning combo – abrasion-proof and non-stick, plus even heating. But, does it really work as advertised? Let me show you.

I got hold of the 32cm wok by Joyoung for 115 Yuan (S$23) – the cheapest option on the product page. Yes, that’s what you typically pay for an aluminium non-stick wok, and it comes with a lid as well. I would say it’s a little shallow, so if you prefer deeper wok go for the larger sizes.

Protected with styrofoam
Close up shot of the surface
The handle is bolted to the wok. This is much better than using screw which comes off every now and then
Joyoung claims they are better than the competition because the non-stick surface goes all the way to the brim
Egg test – passed. The egg sticks but flakes off easily
Rice test – passed. Easily scraped off also.
Clean wok after doing fried rice.
Tofu – behaves more or less like rice. If you didn’t use enough oil and move the Tofu around, the “crust” will stick to the wok and your Tofu won’t look so nice, but overall it’s ok.

Another advantage with this wok – even heating. This is very good for stir-fry. In comparison, non-stick cookware have very uneven heating – concentrated near the flame.

I would say I’m won over. I was expecting to be anyway. I’m tired of having to replace non-stick cookware half-yearly, plus, they do pose some danger because the non-stick coating will surely come off (and into your food) over time. That said, you probably still need a non-stick pan around for frying fish, or those times you need to multitask and cannot monitor the cooking closely.

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