Taobao product recommendation – Oil sprayer

Years ago, i bought an oil sprayer, but it was soon left in the dust. It really didn’t work so well in that you don’t get an even misting. Fast forward to today, oil sprayers have improved quite a bit. The main reason i abandoned the idea of the oil sprayer was that the oil became rancid very quickly. However, i recently realized that this problem can be overcome by storing the oil sprayer in the fridge. Simple as that. I felt it was worth trying out the oil sprayer again.

The new oil sprayer i have gotten from Taobao are supposedly made for the Japanese market, and they’re probably the cheapest ones around, at only 6.80 Yuan (S$1.40). The downside is that the bottle is made of PET, which is not completely safe. There are many other options available where the bottle is made of glass if you’re concerned about safety.

Anyway, the misting effect is quite good, though there is still a concentrated stream in the middle. It depends on how quickly you pull the trigger. It spreads the oil at a very wide angle, which is not always a good thing, because i don’t necessarily always want to spray the oil onto such a big surface area. The way to counter this is to spray at closer range i suppose. Anyway, i am still happy enough with this oil sprayer. It can be used for a variety of applications. Mostly, i think it’s useful when i just want to add a little bit of oil onto the frying pan. This is much easier than pouring. I would also use it to coat items i put into the air fryer with oil. You could use one bottle for frying oil and another for olive oil. As per the product information page, you could even spray soy sauce, or cosmetics etc.

By the way, this product is also eligible for cashback on Shopback.

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