Taobao product recommendation – OTG SD Card Reader

History teaches us that we don’t learn our lessons. Years ago, i received a free SD card reader together with some other Taobao product i purchased. All was well until i tried to move a large amount of data using the SD card reader. The SD card was actually physically damaged. I threw the darn SD card reader away and bought a cheap replacement, something that cost around S$2.

History just repeated itself and I binned the SD card reader again. Moving a large amount of data using a cheap SD card reader just won’t do. Coincidentally, i needed a USB-C OTG SD card reader for my new phone, so i looked up Taobao for a reputable product, and ended up with the UGreen USB-C/USB-A Card Reader.

Nice metallic shell

I took the UGreen USB 3.0 SD Card Reader for a spin, and it proves to be fast and reliable. I copied 8GB worth of data to and from the SD card to verify. Having both USB-A and USB-C on the dongle makes it really convenient to move files between a phone and a PC.

It later dawned on me that i would also need a regular USB-C to USB-A OTG adapter (to connect a USB thumb drive or external harddisk or keyboard to the phone, or connect the phone to a printer etc.), and typically, an SD Card Reader dongle doesn’t come with an OTG USB jack, so it has to be bought separately. UGreen does have such a product, but i bought a Pisen branded one just out of random and because it has a higher sales volume.

If you need an all-in-one USB-C Card Reader just for using with the phone, then this one might suit you. There is just about any kind of permutation of USB adapters you can think of on Taobao, and i think buying from Taobao direct beats buying from a local SG reseller.

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