Taobao product recommendation – Pancake machine

These pancake machines are wildly popular in China because the Chinese eat pancakes regularly. Chinese pancakes that is, and there are so many varieties throughout China.

As with most kitchen gadgets, this one claims it is one size fits all – you could make pancakes of course, and also grill meat and cook all sorts of things. Well, it is shaped like a cooking pan, so obviously you can cook anything that you otherwise also can do with a normal cooking pan.

I bought this gadget mainly because it is cheap (70 Yuan or S$14) and because i wanted to see if i could make a better pizza out of it than using an oven – to get slightly burnt crust. To jump to the conclusion, it does work well for that purpose. Well, heat is applied directly onto the dough, so it is sure to get burnt crust.

Get slightly burnt crust in just a few minutes

The non-stick coating seems good, though i wonder how long it would last. Overall, i think this was a worthy addtion to my kitchen.

Cheap spray painted exterior, but i was not expecting anything more at this price point
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