Taobao product recommendation – PC Power Supply Unit

Taobao is my go-to source for all PC components and peripherals, and why not, since everything is cheap and potentially very good quality. The PSU of my home theatre PC just broke down, and i managed to find a very good replacement.

The PSU that broke down is not the standard sized one, and choices are quite limited. Nevertheless, i found this SLR branded one, and it is very good. It explicitly states that it runs on 220-230V, which is reassuring (Singapore is on 230V whereas China is 220V. Thankfully the frequency are the same for both countries – 50Hz). The peak power output is 500W, which is very good for a micro sized PSU. It claims to have a silent fan, and i found this to be true, it seems quieter than my previous PSU. The best part is the price – 48 Yuan (S$9.35). Including shipping, it is under S$12. I don’t think one can find such a product in Singapore.

I have also purchased a normal PSU before this. You’re spoilt with choice when shopping for a normal PSU. I grabbed this one for 43.8 Yuan (S$8.60). It comes with 5 years warranty and 3 years one-to-one exchange. Works as expected. For such a low price, what more could one ask for. Even if you want very premium specs, you will be able to find something on Taobao. There’s no reason to look elsewhere, except if you cannot surmount the language barrier.

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