Taobao product recommendation – portable fan

Portable fans are quite popular these days. It’s even more practical here where it’s above 30 degrees Celsius all year round. To a person who perspires a lot like myself, a portable fan is something that does a lot for very little money. Just a little breeze and perspiration can be avoided. The undesirable sweaty smell too.

It’s hard to choose from the many competing products on Taobao, but I settled on this one. At 26.8 Yuan ($5.3), it’s not something you have to struggle much to decide on purchasing.

Nothing fanciful, just how I would want a portable fan to be – as low profile as possible, in black
Rather light at 280g despite the largish lithium battery

It clips to just about anything, and can be tilted to just about any angle. Overall, I’m very pleased with this versatile fan.

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