Taobao product recommendation – Printer toner refill

Many of us may know this – a laser printer appears to be priced affordably, but when replacing the consumables (the toner cartridge) you’re often paying at least half the original price of the printer. In actual fact though, the toner is dirt cheap. If only you could replenish just the toner yourself.

Well, you can do so with certain models of printers. I use the Pantum M6550NW and with the PC-211 cartridge it is very easy to replenish the toner. Just pop open the cap, pour in the toner and replace the cap. I did have to replace the anti-reuse chip too. This allows for perpetual reuse of the toner cartridge. The toner was filled to the brim, and there was still leftover toner. At 18.5 Yuan (S$4) for two cans of toner, this was a steal, considering that the toner could probably print more than 2000 pages. The Pantum printer itself felt like it could last for many years to come too. Pretty good for the environment.

Printed text fully dark after replenishing the toner

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