Taobao product recommendation – Rice weevils eradicator

I’m usually not too bothered about rice weevils, except when i see their population explode. This happened to a pack of noodles in my pantry. I will still consume the noodle, except i have to rinse the noodles like twenty times to get rid of the rice weevils (by the way the presence of rice weevils does not affect the safety for consumption).

So i tried this for-Japan rice weevil eradicator product (9.9 Yuan ~S$2, not exactly cheap but supposed to last 3 months) and found it working as advertised. I’m not sure if it will get rid of all the rice weevils but i believe it will save me some rinsing effort. Handy to keep around those areas where you store your grain and flour, especially flour.

Rice weevils trying to escape the odour coming forth from the eradicator
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